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Baska Voda

The place at the foot of the mountain Biokovo is the pearl of the Makarska Riviera, enchanting with its beaches and a beautiful promenade by the sea.

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The village was once visited by up to 40,000 tourists due to its proximity to the sea and excellent local specialties such as prosciutto, cheese and bread under the baking lid.

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Bast been known since ancient times as Biston by which Baska Voda was actually named.

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In addition to the beautiful pebbly beaches, Krvavica is marked by a special natural landmark, - a high rock above the town, which is also a symbol of this area, known as Key Kuk.

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Find out why Promajna has been the recipient of several awards for the tidy small tourist resort of the Adriatic for years.

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Due to its harmonious and colorful appearance, this is the most desirable place for those who seek peace, cozy atmosphere and escape from the hustle of larger surrounding towns.

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