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Actors in Zagvozd

If you are on holiday in Baška Voda or somewhere on the Riviera, be sure to come to the acting meetings in this small place in Zabiokovo, also the only one in the world that has ACTERS ‘SQUARE.

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plaža Nikolina, Baška Voda

Eco action: cleaning the seabed

On the occasion of the Earth Day, with the help of the Municipality of Baška Voda and the Port of Baška Voda, an action of cleaning the seabed of Baška Voda beaches was organized last Sunday.

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baška voda bura

March storm

“Better not to be, than to be warmed by the March sun” -” says an old folk saying for March. It is a month that, in spite of sudden weather changes, is gladly expected by the people.

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baska voda biokovo

Biokovo filmed from Italy

It is less common to see our mountains from the Italian Adriatic coast. That is exactly what happened earlier this year. Biokovo was filmed from the village Vico del Gargano

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dr. fra Jure Radić

Jubilee of the birth dr. friar Jure Radić

Baska Voda has marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Friar dr. Jure Radić on Saturday 28. November. In his honor, the Municipal Brass Band played in front of his house, on the square of the same name. Who was Friar Jure Radic, find out below…

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Baška Voda

Dream destination

Travel is now denied to all of us, or at least with too many obstacles in its realization given the current situation with this pandemic, but that is why no one can take away our imagination to travel to a nicer place, at least in our minds.

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